Finishing Gallery

The cutoff date for Holiday finishing is September 1.


Several years ago, I asked Come to the Point’s exclusive in-house finisher if she would like to say a few words. Since she’s ultimately the one who makes our hard work shine, I wanted her perspective. Her comments are worth keeping in mind, regardless of where you take your project.

1. Don’t think that I am a miracle worker. If your stitching is uneven or loose then I can’t make it even or tighten it up.
2. If you want a specific fabric or trim used to complete your project provide it. A finisher is not a mind reader.
*3. A properly-blocked piece gives a much better finished product.
4. Sometimes what you want is not feasible. Be open to suggestions from the finisher!
5. Don’t expect that a finisher can drop everything and do your piece right that minute. If you need a piece back by a certain time, make sure the finisher can complete it within that time frame before handing it over to be completed.

*Blocking is included in all finishing. Please keep in mind that blocking will not work miracles. Consistent use of stretcher bars and embroidery hoops is the best means to ensure your pieces remain square.

The slideshow on this page offers samples of finished items.

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